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Whether on a beach, in a ballroom or in a private backyard, our weddings reflect the lifestyles and personalities of each couple. We work closely with our brides and grooms to create unforgettable moments, not only for the couple, but also for their family and friends. Utilizing creative elements such as lighting and textured fabrics allow even the simplest of designs to leave a lasting impression.

Corporate Event Planning

Our company exists today because of our extensive work with charitable organizations. Handling the extensive logistics involved with successful fundraising is what has given us our ability to plan large scale, extravagant events smoothly and yet with the personalization and character that are hallmarks of our event design.

Social Event Planning

There are so many reasons to gather in a life lived richly–birthdays,housewarmings,showers,holidays, anniversaries. It’s so important to step out of the ordinary every once in a while; to give real honor to the people and events that shape our lives.

The team at Exclusive Wedding and Events creates an environment of magic and wonder for your special occasions so that you may celebrate them fully. These moments exist to be seized! With Exclusive Weddings trusted professionals at the helm, you’re free to dive into the merriment with the greatest of ease.

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